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According to an article in today’s Boston Globe, Wal-Mart has agreed to settle a wage and hour lawsuit which will net $40,000,000 to be divided amongst a class of tens of thousands of employees and former employees. The lawsuit alleged a cornucopia of violations including failure to pay overtime, denial of rest and meal breaks, and manipulation of employee time cards.

Companies that fail to pay overtime or who require workers to work “off the clock” run the risk of serious liability under state and federal law. Large companies like Wal-Mart with many different locations are wise to take stock of their wage practices because if violations exist, they are likely to be replicated throughout the company and not be isolated to a single location or even region.


  1. Gravatar for r

    wal mart will continue to get away with they way they do things until the people stand up and fight.i use to wok at wal mart ive seen first hand how they treat people.i was sexually harrassed when i went to managment about it it was brushed aside said we were all joking but yet the one who made these slanderous accusations was a black female and if i were to have called her the N word even jokingly i would have been out of a job

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    i worked at sam's club for over 10 years and things will not change they do now have where you get locked out of your register after 6 hours so you can't get back on until you have a lunch break but you could work 8 or 9 hours and still have no break the 15 minute one you are soposed to get they are definetly not for their employees i have seen so much in 11 years the managers do exactly everything we are not allowed to do but if they do it watch out we were expected to sell the plus membership having them push it when they didn't have it themselves talking on cell phones all day and team leaders seem not to do much of anything if you work there just watch your back they are definetly not out for your interest

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