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Previously, I wrote a blog on the benefits of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. In fact, this blog was based upon my personal experience of seeing many clients who had suffered a brain injury, while riding without a helmet. Our law firm has an office in Virginia, that requires motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. We also have an office in South Carolina, where there is no helmet law for persons above the age of 21. As a result, I see different injuries from motorcycle accidents.

The sports world has been on edge, while watching the health of Big Ben Roethlisberger. The topic has been bantered back and forth on and I am not going to take this blog in the direction of fully discussing Mr. Roethlisberger’s injuries. However, I am interested to see what he says when he first speaks to the public. What is his attitude, now, about helmet laws.

It has been reported that this quarterback was released at around midnight last night. Hopefully, he will come out and say that he will never again ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Maybe, even Pennsylvania legislators will now look at how ridiculous they look by having not made helmets mandatory.

I know the arguments against helmet laws are such things as freedom and choice. However, we live in a nation that is governed by laws rather than a nation that mirrors reruns from Gunsmoke. Maybe the Roethlisberger injury and accident will serve some good in saving someone else’s life, by showing how important it would have been to wear a helmet. A teenager is not going to be influenced by my blog but he or she may be influenced by an example set by “Big Ben”.

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