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In my practice, I see the effects of traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, many times certain symptoms of brain injury have gone completely undiagnosed by the attending physicians. Initially, emergency and rescue is usually called to the scene to treat life threatening conditions that may be present. Then, the injured party may be taken to the hospital, where they are treated for certain injuries that may show up on x-ray.

Not surprisingly, the only attention that is paid to a potential brain injury is when the nurse or doctor may hand some prepared form relating to concussion. All the injured party may know is that they have some amnesia or continue to experience headaches.

One symptom of brain injury is a loss or impairment of smell and taste. The University of Pennsylvania reports that up to 30% or patients with a head injury have some kind of olfactory loss that may result from injury to the delicate nerves that pass from the nasal canal, through the cribriform plate and then to the olfactory bulb.

Typically, my clients do not really put the head injury and loss of smell or taste mechanically related to the head injury. As a result, their condition does not get the medical attention it deserves.

With the loss of smell and taste, a person no longer has the ability to enjoy the fragrance of a summer flower or the taste of good food. In addition, this places our clients at a high risk for depression, anorexia, and weight loss.

Treatments are available to assist in treating this specific injury. A team approach that starts with smell and taste testing and may include medical doctors and dentists may help in providing such care. In addition, such medical care provider help access the damage which, in turn, helps our firm in making sure wrongdoers are held accountable for causing this injury to our clients.

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