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Improper Loading Causes Tractor Trailer Truck Crash

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An 11 month old baby was killed and her two siblings and mother were were injured when the tractor trailer truck in which they were passengers overturned. The children and their mother were taking a road trip with their father who was hauling magazines stacked on pallets. Unfortunately, the magazines had been loaded improperly. When the truck slowly entered a curve, the mother

heard a loud clunk coming from the box trailer as the load in the trailer shifted to one side.

The tractor trailer overturned onto the passenger side and a utility pole ripped through the truck cab. The children had been riding in the sleeper compartment. This unfortunate incident highlights the hidden dangers caused by improperly loaded tractor trailer trucks on our highways. There have been many tractor trailer cases in Virginia involving catastrophic injury or death caused by shifting loads inside of box trailers or improperly secured loads on flat bed trailers. The tragedy suffered by the family of this 11 month old baby is compounded by the fact that the truck crash happened only blocks from their home. The parents must now drive past the curve on which the tip over crash occurred every day.