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Lots of Ads for Medicare

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I keep seeing the ads that tell senior citizens about making proper choices about their medicare and prescription benefits. I wondered who was paying for these ads. I guess it should come as no surprise that the Bush Administration, using tax dollars, has funded these political ads to tout the medicare bill.

Since these ads were being paid for by taxpayers, who made the ads and what agency was getting the commission for placing these ads? The Associated Press has reported that the White House gave a nine million dollar contract to a company called National Media, Inc. Quick research would show that this was the same firm that was the campaign media firm for the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign. This same firm also was the primary media firm for the drug industry when it placed tens of millions of dollars for ads attacking lawmakers who were fighting for lower prescription drug prices.

You may recall that these were the ads that showed fictitious senior citizen “Flo” telling senior citizens that Congress was going to hurt them. The firm also attacked doctors and pharmacists and anyone else that did not fall in step with the goal of this medicare bill.

I guess it’s fair game to think that this administration would feel comfortable with the same media firm. Maybe I am just too old fashioned to think that there should be a high standard when it comes to spending our tax payer money.