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Blogging in the courtroom

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The concept of blogging has become an outlet for creativity, as well as a source of information for the web surfer. However, a San Francisco Judge was recently angered by one lawyer’s blogging. As Law.com reports”according to Judge Karnow’s ruling, Attorney Kuo, at various points called his opposing counsel “chicken” when she asked for a continuance, directly alluded to her with some posting titles obscene enough that the judge did not repeat them and mentioned a prior conviction that had not yet been deemed admissible at trial.”

My internet surfing does include alot of blog reading. That is the genesis for our involvement in making blogging a part of our firm outreach. However, that does not give license for a lawyer to think that common sense and courtesy can be put aside by the anonymity of the computer. Lawyers should still be held to the same standard as they would in everyday practice. I expect that we will see more such decisions like this, by judges, which should serve as a reminder to legal bloggers that it’s ok to be aggressive in representatiion, but not ok to think that common sense should check itself at the office door, when we sit at our computer.