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We Must Get the Lead Out of Children's Toys

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission tested randomly children’s plastic jewelry and found that 20% cotained toxic lead paint. Independent testing done by Massachusetts, Ohio, and other states found much higher percentages of toy jewelry contained lead. Ninety five percent of the jewelry tested by the CPSC came from China. It is now no secret that Chinese firms in the toy supply chain have no scruples about putting lead paint in toys for toddlers and young children. We’ve seen this with the Thomas the Tank Engine toys and the recent Mattel recall. Young children are prone to chewing on their toys, and toys painted with lead, a potent neurotoxin, can cause permanent brain damage. The U.S. retailers who continue to have their toys made in China should not complain when the families of innocent children file lawsuits. Get the lead out! Stop making our toys in China.