Richmond, Virginia


Michael Phelan

Prisoners “Boiling to Death” In Their Cells

A New York Times article on the Texas prison system entitled, In Texas, Arguing That Heat Can Be A Death Sentence for Prisoners, exposes a shameful problem that exists in jails and prisons…

Michael Phelan

Repeal the Feres Doctrine

Cindy Wilson was a 37 year old technical sergeant stationed at Langley Air Force Base. On February 20, 2007, she was to give birth to her first child. Sergeant Wilson was excited that her parents…

Michael Phelan

Special Ed Child Kills Self After Being Forced By His School Into Seclusion Cell

This is a sad story of the wrongful death of a 13 year-old child who needed help from his special ed school but got a form of torture. A few weeks before a 13-year-old north Georgia special…

Zev Antell

New Mexico Appelate Court Upholds $14.9 Million Dollar Negligence Verdict

Despite recent efforts by special interests to cap punitive damages, the fact remains that they are perhaps the best and only shield the general public has against egregious and unsafe actors.

Michael Phelan

Life Imitates Art in Mississippi Supreme Court

Mississippi Supreme Court takes unprecedented action and attempts to block the publication of a dissenting opinion by one of its justices.

Michael Phelan

Virginia Considers Raising It’s Damages Cap Under the Tort Claims Act

In the aftermath of the horrific Virginia Tech shootings, the Virginia General Assembly is considering whether the limits on the state’s liability in cases of negligence should be increased above…