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Michael Phelan

Repeal Mensing in Response to AL Generic Drug Decision

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled Friday that brand-name drug makers can be held liable for warnings on a generic version of the company’s medication made by another company.  The case, which was originally filed in federal court by Danny and […]

Michael Phelan

Risks of Testosterone Therapy for “Low T”

Are you a middle-aged man experiencing low libido, weaker erections, fatigue, irritability, or muscle loss?  If so, you’ve probably noticed the ubiquitous drug company advertisements touting testosterone therapy as the panacea for these and other conditions. According to a statement […]

Michael Phelan

Low T – A Common Effect of Aging, Not Another Reason to Push Drugs

Testosterone therapy has been widely advertised as a way to help aging men improve low sex drive and regain their energy.  Indeed, the television ads are ubiquitous.  An athletic looking man who appears to be in his forties applies a gel […]

Michael Phelan

Strenghten the FDA

Back in the early 1990's, Newt Gingrich trumpeted his plan to eliminate the FDA and allow the food and drug industries to self-regulate. Time has revealed this to be a dangerously naive…

Michael Phelan

Is a Kickback the Reason Your Pharmacist or Physician Recommended That New Drug?

Two federal lawsuits charge Novartis Pharmaceuticals with making fraudulent kickbacks to promote sales of its drug, Myofortic.

Less than three years ago, Novartis settled criminal and…

Michael Phelan

Should Hospitals Suspect "Sterile Solutions" Whenever There is an Outbreak?

Gram-negative bacteria can cause disease and many types of infections. It is the type of contaminant that hospitals work hard to keep out of sterile environments like operating rooms. Over…

Michael Phelan

Will Patients Harmed by Generic Drugs Have any Remedy?

The vast majority of consumers probably do not realize that if they are injured by a generic drug versus a brand-name drug, they may have no meaningful recourse. A brand-name drug…

Michael Phelan

New England Compounding Pharmacy Now Blames Cleaning Crew

When a pharmacy acts like a manufacturer of drugs and undertakes to compound sterile drugs, which drugs will later be injected or infused into patients' bodies, who should be ultimately…

Michael Phelan

New England Compounding Pharmacy Files Bankruptcy

New England Compounding Pharmacy Inc., the Massachusetts pharmaceutical company blamed for a nationwide meningitis outbreak, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to deal with lawsuits filed…

Michael Phelan

What was the FDA’s Role in the Meningitis Outbreak?

Compounding pharmacies are major suppliers of infusable and injectable solutions used by some of the nation's biggest hospitals. As the recent meningitis outbreak shows, contamination of…